Water Quality Testing

SIA “Rīgas ūdens” United Water Quality Control (AUKK) Laboratory that is certified by the Latvian National Certification Board (Certification No. LATAK-T-165) conducts tests on various water samples – determining water quality indicators.

The service can be requested by either an individual or a corporation.

Drinking water (water pipe, boring well, well) surface (river, lake, stream) and swimming pool water samples are accepted at the following addresses: “Daugava” Water Station, Bauskas iela 209, Rīga, tel. 67088576;

Wastewater samples are accepted by the Laboratory Group, at the following address:  BAS “Daugavgrīva”, Dzintara iela 60, Rīga, tel. 67088538.

Water sample collection hours: Mondays and Tuesdays from 8.00 to 12.00.

Water samples can be delivered in person or arrangements can be made for the samples to be picked up by the laboratory (only within Riga’s city boundaries).

The volume of the delivered sample and the material composition of the container depend upon the water quality indicator numerical value and form to be determined.  Usually, the water is poured into an empty 1.5 liter plastic mineral water bottle that has been rinsed with water from the sample to be tested. Do not choose a bottle that previously contained an aromatic drink!

If the client also wishes to obtain the water’s bacteriological indicators,it is necessary to pick up a sterilized 0.5 liter bag from the laboratory in which to put the sample. A laboratory technician will demonstrate the proper way of obtaining the sample when using this method.

Samples must be delivered to the laboratory on specified sample collection day. After the delivery of the sample to the laboratory, the client and the laboratory group leader will agree on and confirm in writing the indicators to be determined and the testing methods. The client is billed for the serviceprovided in accordance with SIA “Rīgas ūdens” price list.

The duration of the water testing depends upon the type of indicators to be determined. Bacteriological testing takes at least three days. The client receives a test report containing the test results upon presentation of the payment receipt.

AUKK laboratory personnel abide by a strict confidentiality and professional non-disclosure policy with regard to the information obtained while testing the samples.

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